Key features

High structural strength, loadbearing & stability

Excellent strength and weight performance

Superior workability

Excellent nail-holding capacity

High earthquake resistance and durability

Better water resistance than wood-based

Superior fire resistance

Superior workability

Termite prevention

No Formaldehyde or chemical emissions

Superior quality

The quality of our Boardeco™ product has been independently tested and verified by the WKI Fraunhofer Institute in Germany. Our product was benchmarked against other wood-based particle boards on the basis of the strength and quality specifications as indicated in the international particle board standards (EN 312:2010 or ANSI A208.1.).

The bending strength and surface soundness of the Boardeco™ are both well above the industry norms while its elasticity compares well with a traditional product like MDF. At the same time, its density is comparable, which means that the product is not heavier than wood-based board.

Boardeco™ has excellent moisture-resistant properties. After exposure to water, it swells only a third as much as the traditional board products. Moreover, during drying it returns to its original shape, whereas traditional board does not.

The standard fire-retardant properties of Boardeco™ slow down the burning process for 30 minutes without the use of chemical additives. This is achieved by using a production method whereby the oxygen content in the material itself is rendered extremely low. To reach the same fire-retardant characteristics, traditional board first needs to be chemically treated.

Boardeco meets the current industry quality standards for traditional board types such as Chipboard, OSB, MDF, Plywood, hard board and soft board. Testing has proven that Boardeco is a perfect alternative for all these types of boards.

Environmentally friendly

Boardeco™ is produced from a wide range of renewable natural fibres, including several sources of agricultural and horticultural residues, resulting from the farming of tomatoes, capsicums, grapes, sugarcane, coconuts, wheat and many other vegetables and crops.

Boardeco™ is a fully recyclable board which fully complies with the “Cradle-to-Cradle” concept as developed by McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry. Our patented production process yields a product that can be re-used as feedstock after it has served its primary purpose. This up-cycling process, which eventually results in a high-quality product, also sequesters the carbon from the feedstock for the long term. In contrast, due to the resins and additives applied, traditional wood-based particle board products are not suitable for upcycling purposes.

Owing to our unique production process and the use of agricultural fibre materials, BoardecoTM has a negative carbon footprint. An independent study showed that our first production facility, with a capacity of 240,000 m3 board material, will realise a reduction of 130 ktons of CO2 emissions compared to when the feedstock is composted.

In the production of Boardeco™, use is made of a completely formaldehyde-free resin. As a result, the product conforms to both the strict European formaldehyde emission norm E0 according to EN 120 / EN 717 and the USA formaldehyde norm HUD 24. This makes the boards extremely suitable for use in environmental and health-sensitive areas.
Test item (unit) Requirement Test Result
Moisture Content (%) 4 - 13 7.0
Density (kg/m3) 400 - 900 720
Bending Strength (MPa) ≥ 13 38.3
MOE in Bending (MPa) ≥ 1600 3810
Internal Bond (MPa) ≥ 0.35 0.51
Surface Soundness (%) ≥ 0.8 1.16
Swelling in Thickness (2hrs) ≤ 8.0 3.4
Screwpull Surface ≥ 1100 1520
Screwpull Side ≥ 700 970
Formaldehyde Emission (mg/100g) ≤ 9.0 0.0

Sizes and thickness

Boardeco is available in the thicknesses below:

9 mm

12 mm

15 mm

16 mm

18 mm

19 mm

25 mm

Custom size

The standard panel size is 2440 by 1220 mm (8 foot by 4 foot).


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